An Immersive and transformational experience…

FV and Think Tank are joining forces! This spring we’re launching a dynamic immersive experience presenting the lives and experiences of our youth to the public in a powerful interactive format called the Cost of Poverty Experience (COPE).

COPE is a 2.5 hour simulation that explores the lived experience of poverty firsthand through the eyes of real families. Combining storytelling, first person-narratives, and role-play visitors will begin to get a sense of the obstacles people are forced to navigate every day.

Attendees will also be invited to discuss feedback, learnings, and ways to activate around these issues.


Learn more about how to get involved as a volunteer, sponsor, or ambassador. Contact for more details.


How can we bring transformation to this city? It starts with discovery.  Together we can dig a little deeper into issues that have plagued us for decades. Get ready to shift perspectives, smash mental models, and look a little deeper into the lives of someone else.





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