Alléna Chambers

Alléna Chambers


Alléna holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. After graduating from the University of Cincinnati, she went on to work as a mental health case manager at Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services. Through her work as a case manager, Alléna helped several clients find jobs, housing, new interests/hobbies and learn to function independently as members of society. While she Found this work fulfilling, Alléna realized that she wanted to work with the youth, in order to bridge the gaps found between youth who will one day become adults.

It was not until she graduated college that Alléna Found her voice. Upon graduating, she Found a mentor who had been around her entire college career. Now, with a purpose to be the person for others that she needed in her teen years, Alléna is excited to work with Found Village. Found Village’s mission aligns directly with Alléna’s career goal of helping others become better versions of themselves. Alléna is excited to help teens on their journey to independence, while learning and growing with them.

Alléna loves all things art. In her spare time, Alléna likes to listen to music and spend time with nature. Her favorite form of therapy is to ride around the city, while listening to her favorite songs.

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