DeShawn (Shawn) Benton

DeShawn (Shawn) Benton

Boy’s Coach

Shawn comes to the Found Village team with a wealth of experience in advocating for and working with young people. After earning his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Wilmington College, Shawn returned to his hometown of Cincinnati; eager to serve those in his community. Shawn has experience in casework as well as working in community mental health with agencies such as Talbert House and The National Youth Advocate Program. It was at these places of employment that Shawn learned exactly how vital his work in community mental health was. Our new Coach brings with him unique skills and knowledge attained from his time working in Child Protective Services. He has a thorough understanding of trauma and the detrimental effects it can have on our youth and their development. He also has experience advocating for young people involved with the juvenile court system. Throughout his career, Shawn has amassed a variety of skills and knowledge. He makes use of these tools regularly, while working to build healthy bonds with young people in his community. Shawn is certified in CPR & First Aid. He is also trained in Therapeutic Crisis intervention.

Shawn realized his passion for highlighting the strengths of young people during his time working at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. It was there he had the opportunity to work with and learn alongside youth living with autism spectrum disorder. It was through this experience that Shawn learned the importance of diagnosing and treating mental illness in young people. Currently he is working to earn his master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Cincinnati. Shawn will specialize in trauma informed care while providing therapy to children, adolescents, & transitional-aged youth.

In his down time, Shawn enjoys listening to music, attending concerts, spending time with his family & adding to his collection of vinyl’s, shoes, & comic books. Shawn’s favorite form of self-care involves spending time with and creating memories for his nine-year-old son.

Through his work with youth and the community, Shawn strives to be an advocate for & resource to the young people of his community.