Leslie Thorpe

Leslie Thorpe

Office Manager

Leslie grew up in West Virginia and earned her bachelor’s degree in Family and Consumer Science from Marshall University. She joins Found Village with a diverse background in customer service, management, and administrative services. She truly has a passion for lending a helping hand and jumping in whenever and wherever needed and will go above and beyond to ensure the satisfaction of others.

Previously working in retail for many years, Leslie has learned through many experiences how to work with people from all different backgrounds and attributes that to the way she connects with people on a daily basis.

Leslie comes from a background of strong spirituality where she has been taught how to use her faith in God in all aspects of her life and has learned to still have hope even when things look hopeless. Her faith is what keeps her going and motivates her to be a positive light to others.

Excited to be a part of Found Village, Leslie strongly believes in the mission and the work that the organization has provided to Cincinnati’s young people and hopes to be a strong administrative asset to the team here!