April 8, 2021

Come Alive: Isaiah’s Story

From probation to progression


Born on indigenous land in New Mexico, Isaiah reflects on his desire to reconnect with his Native culture,

“I dream of one day finding my birth family. But it’s scary, who knows what I’ll discover?”  

Isaiah was adopted at just two months old and grew up in a household full of adoptive siblings in Price Hill. He joined our community in October in response to challenges he was having in his home life, with the law, and in school. In just six months, Isaiah has grown exponentially and has gone from facing legal conflict to taking full advantage of a second chance with our community. Isaiah is finding hope through connection with his coach, Kyle.  

“I’ve grown here, Kyle’s helped me with a lot of personal stuff–it’s like he actually understands me. It’s changed my relationship with my mom which was really bad before, now we’re cool. He also helped me get a job.” 

We’re excited to support Isaiah as he landed his first job on the Green Team at Cincinnati GroundworksSince starting work, he has not missed one day of school and he is now on a steady path. Kyle also connected Isaiah with the Greater Cincinnati Native American Coalition as his desire to connect with his roots is increasing. He was thrilled to visit their offices and asked many questions during a visit.  

From probation to progression, we could not be prouder of Isaiah’s commitment to better his life. We asked him a few questions about his favorite things that make him come alive, check ‘em out: 

Despite the challenges that Isaiah has encountered in his life, he’s remains hopeful about his future. He ended the interview with some profound wisdom,

“I know if I just stay up and stay prayerful, I’ll make it through. You can do anything you put your mind to.”

Thanks for taking time to learn about our friend Isaiah. There are many more stories to share, stay tuned!