What Will My Gift Do

It takes a village. For many of our youth, their village isn’t handed to them; it is found. As members of a village of support, we all have something different to offer.

At Found Village, we work tirelessly to provide transformative community. We teach youth in the child welfare system about the power of cultivating healthy, stable, connected relationships with the people within their communities.

What is the Story of Found Village?

Hear From Co-Founder and Director, Katie Nzekwu

Make a lasting difference to transform the lives of youth who have experienced hard things. Help them experience the belonging, connection, and authentic community of Found Village.

What Will My Gift Do?

$25/month Covers a few basic needs for a young person experiencing a crisis
$50/month Provides resources for weekly small group support sessions that create space for in-depth conversation and reflection on life's ups and downs
$125/month Provides resources for weekly Connect events that encourage movement, connection and community
$250/month Provides food resourcing support for FV enrichment activities
$500/month Provides unique workshops, trainings and experiences designed to expose young people to new opportunities and interests
$1,000/month Fully supports a young person for a month of coaching and mentoring